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AVGS-Gutschein beantragen

Seize the opportunity now for a complimentary career coaching with the AVGS voucher

Are you facing professional challenges or are you in a phase of career reorientation? The “Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein” (AVGS) from the employment agency or job center opens the door to professional career coaching at INQUA – 100% free of charge for you!

When can I apply for an AVGS voucher? If you are registered as unemployed or at risk of being laid off, you can now apply for your “Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein” at your employment agency or job center. If you receive an appropriate AVGS, you will have the unique opportunity to complete professional career coaching at the INQUA Institute valued at several thousand euros. Don’t miss this chance!

Tip: Even if you have a temporary position and it is due to expire in three months, you are at risk of unemployment and can apply for an AVGS. If you expect the temporary contract to be extended but do not wish to continue the employment relationship, talk to your employer.

What is an AVGS?

The AVGS (“Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein”) is your key to comprehensive professional support. With this voucher, you can finance an 8-week individual career coaching at the INQUA Institute at 100%.

What should the voucher contain?

The following information is required by your job placement agent to issue an appropriate AVGS for the INQUA career coaching:

– Our service is an individual one-on-one coaching.

– The duration of the coaching is eight weeks.

– During this time frame, you will receive 20 coaching sessions of 45 minutes each and the 15-20 pages individual competence profile High Profiling®.

– The AVGS measure is certified under § 16 Abs. 1 SGB II (Jobcenter) or § 45 SGB III (Arbeitsagentur) with the objective “Heranführung an den Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsmarkt”.

The allocation is decided individually by your employment agent, as this is an optional service.

We support you step by step to the appropriate AVGS voucher for your INQUA career coaching.

In 4 simple steps to the AVGS

  • Step 1: Gather strong arguments
    The decision whether you receive an AVGS is made individually by your responsible employment agent. To maximize your chances of issuance, you should collect convincing arguments why the INQUA AVGS coaching is the right program for your professional future. Don’t worry, we’re here to support you! Simply create your individual argument template with our AVGS application wizard or us our argumentation guide to gather convincing arguments.
  • Step 2: Application for the AVGS by email to your placement specialist
    Have you created your email template? Great! Now you can forward this email along with our digital flyer for the AVGS coaching to your employment agent and request an appropriate AVGS voucher.

    Important note: To issue an AVGS, a cost proposal from the measure provider (in this case, the INQUA Institute) is often required. To receive this from us, simply sign up non-bindingly for our AVGS coaching and indicate that you need a cost proposal during registration. You will then automatically receive our offer by email after your registration.
  • Step 3: Review of the AVGS application by the Employment Agency or Job Center
    Now, the employment agency or job center reviews the AVGS application. Are all conditions met? If so, you will receive an appropriate voucher (usually by post).
  • Step 4: Forwarding the AVGS to the INQUA Institute
    Congratulations on receiving a suitable voucher! As a certified measure provider, we will now take care of the entire organizational process for you. We will accompany you through the further steps. This is how you can proceed.

    • If not already done, use our registration form. You will then receive a description of all further steps.
    • Send us your AVGS voucher and the coaching contract (you will receive this upon registration).

Congratulations! The first step towards career reorientation has been taken. We wish you much success with your INQUA career coaching.

Easily create an individual email template

Since INQUA provides a high-quality coaching offer, employment agent ensure that you have consciously selected the offer and are highly motivated for it. An AVGS is a so-called optional service. This means that the approval of the employment agent is required for the cost coverage. Therefore, we recommend that you present your reasons for applying for an AVGS voucher for coaching on career orientation at the INQUA Institute. Our AVGS application assistant helps you to formulate a solid basis for argumentation. Please select the 3-5 points that best describe your personal situation, your wishes, and needs for the career coaching at the INQUA Institute.

What is your current situation?
Please select the option that most closely applies to you.

Which of the following statements applies to you?
Please select the option that most closely applies to you.

Important aspects for the right application strategy:
Please select all that apply to you but at least one option.

Important aspects for the online application strategy:
Please select the option that most closely applies to you.

More about the AVGS-Coaching from INQUA

With the INQUA Career Coaching High Profiling® Hybrid, from which over 10,000 academics, specialists, and executives have already benefited, you receive professional support. Our scientifically based coaching program accompanies you over eight weeks. Learn more about the AVGS-coaching at the INQUA Institute.

FAQ – Questions on AVGS career coaching

You can do the entire coaching programme in English. Simply tick off the corresponding box in the registration form.

We will pair you with a suitable coach and also provide you with all the documents and materials you will need for the coaching process in English, including your High Profiling® skills profile. This offer has been designed for all those seeking employment on the English-speaking job market. Of course, you can always do your coaching in German, if you prefer. Once again, simply tick off the coaching language of your choice in the registration form.

What much does AVGS coaching cost?

The Employment Agency or your local job centre will cover the costs of your AVGS coaching sessions; you don't need to worry about paying for them yourself. Just register with us online after you’ve received your AVGS voucher, and we'll take care of the rest.

What is AVGS coaching and how do I get an AVGS voucher?

The AVGS coaching programme offered by the INQUA Institute is a career coaching service specifically geared towards specialists, executives and academics. The Employment Agency or your local job centre issues AVGS vouchers (Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein) to help jobseekers discover new career prospects. Ask your placement specialist to issue an AVGS with an informal email.

How do I find out more about AVGS coaching in English?

An activation and placement voucher (in German: AVGS) is an optional service offered by the Employment Agency or your local job centre. If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact your job advisor to discuss whether AVGS coaching is the right option for you.

Who can benefit from AVGS coaching?

Our coaching services are specifically geared towards specialists, managers and academics. Using our High Profiling® method and genograms, we will help you figure out your next career move. With AVSG job coaching in English, career starters and established professionals alike are able to explore new career paths.

Who is eligible for AVGS vouchers?

If are looking for employment and registered with the Employment Agency, you are entitled to an AVGS voucher under certain conditions. This is an optional benefit. We recommend contacting your advisor at your local job centre to find out if you meet the requirements.

How long is my AVGS voucher valid?

The period of validity for AVGS vouchers is no longer regulated by law, but rather is determined at the discretion of your job advisor. Generally speaking, your voucher will be valid for three months. This, of course, is enough time for us to get you started with your AVGS coaching in English. We can usually start the coaching within two weeks after submitting your voucher for funding approval.

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