Career Coaching in English as a Response to Internationalization

Discover career change perspectives based on your personal story

Would you like your professional career to be sustainable and in line with your personal values? Our biography-oriented coaching approach combines well-founded, science-based reflection with cutting-edge career change coaching and is now also available in English.

The INQUA Institute has been providing high-quality certified career coaching for more than 20 years. We are pleased to announce that we are extending our career coaching services to English-speaking clients. This means that the coaching sessions, as well as the documents used, and results obtained from our High Profiling® and resource-oriented genogram exercises will entirely be available in English.

Our new offering is the answer to the increasingly common international mobility: students complete semesters abroad, international couples move in together, employees gain work experience in different countries. At the same time, companies are internationalizing their business, globalizing production chains and are having employees work together in teams across national borders. This development requires a common language – and so more and more companies are introducing English as a corporate language.

How your INQUA career coaching works

What distinguishes our career coaching

  • Our experienced coaches are trained, certified and continuously educated at the INQUA Academy.
  • The honorary scientific advisory board , consisting of renowned professors, stands for the high quality of our work.
  • Evaluation shows that more than 50 percent of participants have a new job within three weeks of completing the career coaching program.

What our participants say about the INQUA Career Coaching

Your access to the international labor market

For many companies, changing their corporate language is their way of accommodating the increasing shortage of skilled workers, as it significantly enlarges their pool of potential candidates. Germany is home to many skilled and talented expats who can’t access the German labor market because their language knowledge might not be advanced enough yet. But almost all of them speak English. With the language barrier gone, these expats now have access to jobs that otherwise wouldn’t have been accessible to them.

INQUA’s career coaching services in English give clients who are looking to enter the international labor market the support they need. By taking part in individual coaching sessions conducted entirely in English, our clients are able to incorporate English into their daily routines. When working through the High Profiling® skill profile and the resource-oriented genogram, clients learn, and are given the opportunity to practice using, the English terms used to describe their talents and strengths, in addition to the technical terms used in their fields. The knowledge acquired is then applied throughout various stages of the application process, for instance during job interviews.

Our coaching also provides answers to practical questions, such as: How does applying for jobs differ from one culture to the next? What information should a CV contain? What should be included in a letter of motivation? Thanks to our practical approach, we also offer career coaching in English to native German speakers or people with very strong German language skills who are in the process of applying for a job at an international company. After all, preparation is the key to success.

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